Assignment Hotel or tour company report with our topic is Thang Loi hotel

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Nowadays, the demand of tourism and stay is more and more popular in the world. Apart from the famous tourist destination, the beautiful landscapes, the stay is one of the important things to get a perfect trip. So, more and more luxurious hotels are built to meet the demand of customers. They have become a very active business development in the world as well as in Viet Nam. Hanoi is the capital of Viet Nam, the center of the country. Therefore, business hotels in Ha Noi are developed. There are many luxury and convenient hotels and Thang Loi is a 4 star hotel very successful in business stay. We are students of faculty of tourism – hotel management. So researching on the process of operation of hotel is very necessary for our profession in the future. So we do Hotel or tour company report assignment after finding information about hotel.

This assignment is “Hotel or tour company report” with our topic is “Thang Loi hotel”. To do this assignment, we have to work in group of 6 members:

¨                  Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh Anh

¨                  Bùi Thị Hạnh

¨                  Bùi Thị Hiền

¨                  Đỗ Thị Minh Hồng

¨                  Đinh Thị Thùy Linh

¨                  Lương Thị Linh

We are 2nd year students at class A3K16.

This assignment is a group exercise, so it requires each members has to do conceptually. We have gone to Thang Loi hotel to take photographs with six members and ask for brochures and information. Next, we have to write report to hand in and do presentation of assignment in front of our class.

“Hotel or tour company report” assignment has two main duties.

The first duty is report writing. It has four main parts: Introduction (introduce the assignment generally), Body (information of Thang Loi hotel), Conclusion and Recommendation.

The second duty is presentation. All members in group will have to speaking about own information which were divided.

Doing “Hotel or tour company report” assignment is very interesting and useful. It helps us have knowledge about hotel or tour company; enhance our report writing skill, speaking skill. Moreover, we will improve our team working spirit- a very important skill for our future job.

All members in our group tried best to do “Hotel or tour company report” assignment.

3 thoughts on “Assignment Hotel or tour company report with our topic is Thang Loi hotel

  1. trang

    Seriously guys, you gotta learn how to write an assignment again. No one uses “So” to start a sentence in the assignment and it’s very very “Viet-lish” when an English read through it.

    1. Beatrice

      Hello! I&;7812#m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the great work!

  2. Liberty

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