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2.1. Companys profile

2.1.1. History of the company

Invest consult Vietnam services limited company was found in 2003. It business food and drink service with restaurants name is Au Lac do Brazil. It has two branches, one at Ho Chi Minh city one at Hanoi city.

  • · Au Lac do Brazil I

238 Pasteur Street, Ward 6, HCMC

Tel: 08.8207157 – Fax: 08.8207682

E- mail: aulac@aulacdobrazil.com

  • · Au Lac do Brazil II

6A Cao Ba Quat St., Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Tel: 04.8455224- Fax: 04.7474330

E- mail: ikvn_brazil@vnn.vn

Au Lac do Brazil provides a great dining experience in a friendly and elegant atmosphere. The restaurant offers a traditional Brazilian barbecue as well as an extensive selection of fine wines.

The specialty served is the Brazilian churrasco, which is a buffet of charcoal grilled meats brought to you at your table on long skewers. Tender, hot slices of meat are carved right in front of you by the ‘passadors,’ waiters armed with meat, long knives and friendly smiles.

The new Brazilian restaurant tap into a universal meat-loving appeal, and is the ideal place to let your inner carnivore beat its chest courses of meat in the restaurants slogan an you- can-eat extravaganza is a refined twenty- first century equivalent of the loin- clothes caveman tearing into a raw leg of meat with o roar. But the restaurant set in a large colourful and chandeliered thing in life. In the elegant dinning room decorated with tastefully bright painting on the walks and services to enforce civilizations constraints a good drink ought to be with a cocktail list led by the caipirinha (69.000 VND) as any Brazilian restaurants ought to be, the cocktails are creative any sexy. The drink selection is also bolstered by a serious- looking wine list (around 540.000VND). The looking list of liquor, enabling patrons to flash the cash for really to notch whisky, fits well in a setting where beer might seem a little too plebeian an accouterment to all the meat.

The clientele appeared to be mostly businessmen, and restaurant is well suited to the power player. But back the meat, which really is the spotlight of this restaurant. Forget about breezy Copacabana café and eating fruit on the beach. The restaurants only nod to beachside Brazilian style is a standard selection of fresh juices. Au Lac do Brazil is far from the tourist’s view of Rio, representing instead a masculine meet- loving instinct fund a mental to South American culture, vegetarians, enter at your own risk. The restaurants raison deetre is the Churrasco which is ten to 12 courses of barbecue (380.000VND) and star of the show an absolute onslaught approach with yet another skewer, wielding improbably large knives to cut off more hunks of plash. In a final flourish the large course is a skewer of barbecued pineapple, its the atkins diet taken to its logical extreme. The meal is supplemented by bread, salad and a wide from the mundane (thousand island, mustard Italian, to the exotically). Meat is the star but Au Lac do Brazil supplies all the details. For the faint of heart, a small but smart A la Carte menu is a very fine cop out to the churrasco the shrimp thernidor on of service tempting shrimp options.

A desert menu beckons, with offering of pancakes and ice cream (45.000VND) but the sweet seems too far removed from the hunt (or the fruits of the hunt) that strikes deep at the heart of Au Lac do Brazil. A saccharine coda of an ice cream just does not fit. The over whelming amount of high quality meat, representing the victory of man over beast is too features succulent shrimp onion, potato, and a layer of mozzarella cheese with a gravy that packs a light hearted zing. The steak A La Carte (330.000VND) comes with the salad and potatoes serving as garnikes to the generously portioned beef, surely, one of the best steak Hanoi has to offer.

Source: Information from company

2.1.2. The process of development

In 2006, Au Lac do Brazil II was found at Hanoi. A new restaurant so their business has many difficult. Customers came there very litter. Director decided launch advertising campaign. After one month they attract customer, they must employ staff. Today they have 40 staff and their income is stable.

2.2. Real situation of business operation in Au Lac do Brazil II restaurant

When it is a new restaurant let to attract customer. It is very different but management of Mrs Nga and Mr Jan help restaurant develop as today

2.2.1. Employee

The restaurant has 40 staff, an increase of 5 % over previous year. Workforce is very young from 20- 40years old. 50% is male, they graduated other college and university. They are good knowledge, flexible.

Source: Information from company

With organization of company, they have 4 departments: accounting, serving, kitchen, organization department.

  • Director

Nguyen thi Nga

She is responsible for all active of company

  • Accounting department

There are 2 persons

They are responsible for policies and guidelines pertaining to certain financial matter of the company, management of surplus funds, liquidity and financing management and financial risk management.

  • Serving department

There are 22 persons

They are responsible for serve customer when they came restaurant.

  • Kitchen department

There are 11 persons

They are responsible for prepare food for customers.

  • Organization department

There are 5 persons

They make plan for the party of customer or of restaurant, or activities of restaurant in future.

2.2.3. Main services of the restaurant

Au Lac Do Brazil II restaurant do buffet barbecue meat (Brazilian style). Buffet but they will bring skewer of meat to your table and cut the meat on your plate. They have 12 kind of barbecue. : Beef and Pork Tenderloin with Bacon, D-Rump, Striploin, Pork ribs, Marinated Chicken, Smoked Ham, Calabrian Sausage, Beef ribs, Lamb, Shrimp with Bacon and Picanha – the best part of Rump-steak – completing a nice sequence of high quality Beef !. It called churrasco. It has gone together with some salad (green salad, fried banana, corn, tomato salad, rice and jeijoda)

Source: Information from company

 History of churassco

Two such groups of immigrants, one German and one Italian, discovered a little known region in southern Brazil with vast grasslands and rich, fertile soil. They named it the “Pampas” – the high plains. Not only did the land provide excellent grazing conditions for their livestock, but because of the relatively mild climate, it also yielded fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance.

To show their gratitude for their good fortune, the people gathered twice each year from miles around to celebrate with a feast of thanksgiving. Fresh vegetables and fruits were harvested, prepared, and served at a great table where all could partake. Beef, chicken, pork, and even fish caught from the river were carefully seasoned and cooked on skewers over open fire pits by the ranchers or “gauchos” as they were called at that time. The gauchos carried the freshly cooked meats to the various tables where steaming portions were sliced right off the skewer onto each person’s plate. Each person could eat as he pleased, choosing one or all of the meats and partaking freely from the fruit and vegetable table. Sweetbreads and pastries were prepared in the European tradition to eat before and after the meal. As population centers grew, first community centers and then individuals began to open restaurants, which provided this same quality of food with even better service. Over the years, these restaurants have become the hearts of their communities. Here, friends and families meet often to celebrate special occasions, to enjoy a business lunch, or just to spend some time together.

These celebrations became a time for individuals and families to share the warmth of a good meal with friends and family. Stories were told, songs were sung, and friendships were renewed.

In 2003, a Brazilian native was invited to travel to Ho Chi Minh bringing with him a unique cultural concept which was born with the merging of three cultures in the early 1900′s. So influenced was he by his experience that he vowed then and there that he would not rest until he has shared this experience with citizens of other lands. – lands which are also rich in resources. So, Au Lac do Brazil is proud to say that it has innovated this way of eating in Vietnam.

Beside they have some A La Carte

  • · Steak Au Lac(330000 VND)

(Rib Eye Steak- includes mushroom or pepper sauce)

  • · Grilled lamed Chop(310000VND)

(Includes mint or red wine sauce)

  • · Cajun Jumbo Shrimp(290000VND)

(American spicy style)

  • · Grilled tiger Prawns(290000VND)

(With garlic buttered sauce)

  • · Shrimp Thermidot(290000VND)

(Baked with cheese)


Source: Information from company

  • Especially they have some cocktails such as:

ü Caipirinha: Tangy and refreshing, this drink is made from cachaca rum, lime, sugar. Also available with passion fruit and strawberry.

ü Au Lac do Brazil(vodka, baileys, Kahlua, Midori, grand Marnier, milk)

  • They have some kind of dessert such as ice cream, juice, greap plate, watermelon plate, coffee.
  • They have some kind of red wine (Chile, Australian, France…)

Source: Information from company

We can see this chart, the first half of year their turnover is only 850 million VND. It increases slightly in the first half of 2006 because this time they have many advertising campaign.  It increases dramatically between the last half of the 2006 and 2007. In 2008 their turnover is increased.

2.3. The advantage and disadvantage of Brazil restaurant

v Strength

  • In Hanoi have litter steak restaurant.
  • Workforce is very young.

v Weakness

  •  Rate is very expensive, it is only suitable with people have much money. Don’t attract customers.
  • Staff is not professional
  • The percentage customer of Vietnam is more than customer of Asian and European.

v Opportunity

  • Income of everyone increases so they are interested in food and drink service and other service.
  • Government encourage company develop business. They have some policy decrease tax.

v Threat

  • In the future there are many competitors.
  • Inflation of the economy is increasing

2.4. The future plan of the restaurant in coming years

Next month, new restaurant will found at Ho Chi Minh City, they incruit more employee and training old staff.

Develop advertising to attract customer and earn profit.


1.1.         Solutions

1.1.1.  Develop advertising campaign and promotions.      Aim of solution

In the market, there are many competitors. A product, there are many producer so we must advertise our product. If we did not advertise product, there many people would not know product of the company, advantage, even name of product, … so you can not sell your product.

Rate is expensive with officer. We should have policy sales      Contents of solution

This solution would successful if they have a detail plan, suitable budget.

After advertising campaign the company need test effective to know it   success or not      Method

Advertising on television, magazines, sales 10% (food) for customers have reservation for more 10 persons.

Wed site on internet.

1.1.2.  Raise quality service of staff      Aim of solution

Demand of customer never stopped so they must raise quality service.

Customers satisfy with service of you so they come again. 80% customers come back depends quality service.      Contents of solution

Train old staff about service skill and foreign language.

Recruit new staff whose have high qualification.      Method

The company can send them to university, college to attend a general course. They can hire a teacher teach them at company.

1.2.         Proposals

  • Government must to have policy to help all business when conflict is increase.
  • Management of the company must to manage better.
  • The staff must to have more responsibility.


Vietnam is a member of WTO, it encourage economic development. Following it demand of people about food and drink service is increase dramatically. It is a field prospect. There are many restaurant found so it is not easy to business a restaurant. Products do not only compete about price but also compete about quality, service. I have worked at Au Lac Do Brazil II for two month. I found some disadvantage. So I give some solutions. I hope that it is able help them in business.

When I written this assignment, I received many help from staff of Au Lac do Brazil II and teachers of English department of Hanoi tourism and commercial college.

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