Entrepreneurship and innovation

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Since apple establishment in 1975 apple is changing the world as we normally know. It is clear that Apple all over its history is leading the innovation worldwide through diffusing to consumers a new, reliable, innovative and special user experience solutions. Moreover, Apple is one of the few companies who have passed through two completely different management styles in it life time.

Managerial duties: Both Jobs & Wozniak left Apple taking with them the entrepreneurship spirit and its soul. As a conclusion, they have the culture of both innovative, entrepreneurial and stewardship management. Today Apple innovation ranks and consumer admiration rank is amazing. Based on CNN most admired company in America and most innovative company, Apple Innovation rank is number one.

Management and quality of product and services:  Rank number three for usage of corporate assets, financial soundness, quality of management and long term investment. Finally rank number five for social responsibility. There are some main techniques and concepts allied in Apple management steel, in addition to a unique culture which helps the boast of such continues achievement under the management of Jobs.

Apple thinks good design is a present, No other mass-consumer products company puts as much attention to detail into the fit and finish of the box, let alone the out-of-box experience. Apple “wraps great ideas inside great ideas,” Apple’s OS X operating system is the present waiting inside its sleek, beautiful hardware; its hardware is the present, artfully unveiled from inside the box. Production meeting the absolute opposite of the brainstorm meeting, where the aim is to put structure around the crazy ideas and define the how to, why, and when.

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