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Strategy 1

Open six computer retail stores (not just peripheral and accessories),has stores opened throughout the United States with only peripheral and accessories for their computers. Adding the hardware should generate more hands-on awareness and use already established locations. This will increase product accessibility for those who wish to view items other than just accessories and increase awareness of the originality of Apple’s products. 2 percent increase over the next 2 years in sales representatives for the computer hardware.


Strategy 2

Contract music spokes person to attract the upcoming generation who are attending high school and college. This will invoke a sense of style and linking apple with a distinctive and memorable top 10 hit. This will stay in the customer’s awareness and influence future purchase decisions. Contracting one music spokesperson estimated $6 million.


Strategy 3

Add more features to current products for greater Wintel compatibility. Features such as iTune software compatible with windows based computers. In late October 2003 Apple released an iTune software package that is PC ready. It will increase the United States market share at least 30 percent for the next 2-3 years. $50 million is the estimated cost for Research and Development.


Concluded from the management analysis at APPLE Inc is that technological industries are never easy to compete with. They have a lot invest at R&D and have to be proactive in order to compete with their competitors in the industry. As for APPLE is concerned they have been working so well as it is shown form their products. As Apple Inc is increasing also, those other businesses are increasing and trying to do something interesting for their own good. APPLE needs to make a drastic change such as focus more on customer support and improve the areas they already have problems.









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