Human resource management practices

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The notion of “HRM practices” has become an increasingly used way of referring to high levels of delegation of decisions, extensive lateral and vertical communication channels, high reward systems, often linked to multiple performance indicators, and other practices that Apple are deployed to achieve high levels of organizational performance. HRM practices in Apple involve: a) delegation of responsibility, such as team production; b) knowledge incentives, such as profit sharing, individual incentives and incentives for knowledge sharing; c) internal communication, encouraged for instance by practices related to knowledge sharing or job rotation; d) employee training, both internal and external; and e) recruitment and retention, such as internal promotion policies)


Apple uses HRIS to generate reports of strategic and demographic employee data, process payroll. Other popular functions of leading HRISs in Apple include:

-          Benefits management and enrollment

-          PTO and leave tracking

-          Compliance filings

-          Applicant tracking

-          Performance management

-          Training

Healthcare benefits

To attract and keep good employees, Apple offers benefits that are at least comparable to its competitors. To find out what others offer, Apple manager chat up colleagues, join a local employer health coalition and a professional group.

How about the employees? Of course, Apple considers its employees in any insurance plan decisions. It knows the insurance plan features that mean the most to them—and find out the way by conducting an employee survey.

HRM recruiting:

Apple has an interest recruitment practicewith attracting a collection of eligible candidates for an available post through particular measures like publicity, broadcasts and announcements. It is rather note-worthy that Apple has shown its capability in demonstrating such a cohesive branding know-how all through their commodities, promotion, vending and distributing, assisting clients, and hiring or appointing candidates.

-          Commence Recruitment

The Director of Human Resources at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino completes the following documents before there is an announcement for a position:

• Recruitment request form

• Job description

• Job classification and suggested salary range

• Interview questions

• Test/Skill evaluation tools

• Criteria for evaluating candidates

-          Announcement of Positions

The Human resource department announces the open position and draft advertisements. The job descriptions are circulated to about 340 agencies, universities and organizations. The Hiring Unit has to bear the cost of all other advertising expenses.

- Advertisements

Advertising is a prominent source to build a pool of Candidates:

• Print media – Newspapers: State, national or local; Other: specialist magazines/journals

• Other media – radio, television

• Decisions must be made as to which media to use and how the advertisement should be designed to target suitable applicants

Receiving complete Application/Resume and begin the Review Process

Applicants are accepted or rejected on the basis of their qualifications and experience in the field of engineering management. The criterion for selection is determined before the actual screening takes place. Once the screening is complete using the criteria of performance and experience, the Hiring Unit interviews at least three applicants.

HRM training:

Training at Apple Inc. can be defined as making available to employees planned and coordinated educational programs of instruction in professional, technical, or other fields that are or will be related to the employee’s job responsibilities. Training is accomplished through a variety of approaches, such as classroom training, e-learning, and professional conferences that are educational or instructional in nature. Development is generally considered to include training, structured on-the-job learning experiences, and education. Developmental programs include experiences such as coaching, mentoring, or rotational assignments. The essential aim of training and development programs is to assist the agency in achieving its mission and goals by improving individual and, ultimately, organizational performance. Apple provides regular training, which counts as work time, to keep you up to date on the latest Apple and third – party products. Employees can aslo get training to help them move ahead as a Genuis, Creative, or Manager – or to transition to one of those tracks from their current position.

HRM retaining:

To retain staffs, Apple builds a fun, innovative work environment for them. Besides, it also has possibility for career advancement and gives great benefits as good health and life Insurance, tuition assistance, product discounts and commuter programs to all people who work for Apple.

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