Role of international business

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Apple always focuses on international business and its success is from this business trend. It evaluates the potential customer group, advertises widely and focuses on creating new and unique products lines. International business plays an important role in Apple’s development and business.

Apples target market in international business strategy is people who are willing to pay more for products with better user experience, people who like to have fun with technology, music enthusiasts and people who work with media and design professional. They have done a good job by finding out which customer needs to satisfy. Based on international business, Apple can cover and have a great number of customers over the world. They have found out that these customers wants a nice, beautiful and simple design and user input, and they have focused on programs that help you to take pictures, programs that edit both pictures and videos, and good music programs, both to listen, and to make music. To make these programs, they have to have to focus on innovation, and have programmers and designers that can make program like this, that are both easy to use, beautiful to look at, and can do everything you can expect from programs like these.

As we all know, Apple has dominated the portable media industry since the introduction of the iPod.   Since then, Apple has introduced many new products such as the iPhone, Macbook, and the iPad; all are sold throughout the globe. Apple international strategy is a Global strategy of a standardized products. The only modification Apple alters in their products is the power source because of the different power voltage in different countries.  Other than this, Apple products are precisely standardized throughout international markets. Apple’s engineering, design, and manufacturing is controlled by one source, which is why it differentiates from other computer makers. If Apple followed a multi-domestic strategy, they would have excess overhead and management would loose control of the company, more importantly the image of cutting edge and advanced technology, products, and marketing can be damaged. Apple’s engineering and design developers come up with ideas for the products in the U.S, but the complete manufacturing of Apple’s products is done by two large IT solution brands manufacturers named Foxconn and Inventec, which are located in China. Apple manufacturers its products in China is because labor costs in China are much cheaper, most of the products needed for manufacturing are made in China. Moreover, Apple also has access to a big market with China which has the biggest population on the globe and a very strong, stable economy.

International business also helps Apple increase revenue quickly. Apple’s international business strategy refers to plans that guide commercial transactions taking place between entities in different countries. The goal of increasing profit gained due to international business, with high quality hardware and products and focusing on international business, Apple wins many big brands to cover the market.

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