Role of technology management

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Apple technology management is set of management disciplines that allow it to manage its technological fundamentals to create competitive advantage. Typical concepts that Apple used in technology management are technology strategy (a logic or role of technology in Apple), technology forecasting (identification of possible relevant technologies for Apple, possibly through technology scouting), technology roadmap (mapping technologies to business and market needs), technology project portfolio (a set of projects under development) and technology portfolio (a set of technologies in use).

The role of the technology management function in Apple Inc is to understand the value of certain technology for the organization. Continuous development of technology is valuable and therefore the technology management function in Apple should be able to argue when to invest on technology development and when to withdraw.

Here is importance of technology management in Apple Inc:

•          Growth of the Firm: The process of managing technology involves organizing, coordinating, and managing activities. If technology is well managed, an organization will improve and reduce on operational costs of the organization.

•           Eliminates duplication: If technology is well managed, it will automate information flow in an organization. In this case, the technical team will set up a management information system (MIS) which provides periodic, predetermined and ad-hoc reporting capabilities. In most cases the MIS reports summarize or aggregate information to support decision-making tasks. Those systems include information through online analytical processing (OLAP) and conveying information to whoever needs it.

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