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 2.1 Hotel’s background:

       Ha Noi Horison is a five star hotel located in a prime and fast expanding area of Ha Noi, assuring an easy access to Embassies and Government Office, Commercial Institutions, tourist attractions and major ExhibitionCenter.

         Ha Noi Horison hotel offers a winning combination of professional business services, elegant accommodation and outstanding facilities which include 250 superiors and DeluxeRooms and Suites, 3 commercial office floors , Superb Facilities for up to 800 people , Wireless High Speed Internet Access On Site ATM cash machine.

         In order to coordinate all works, you will find high-tech equipments and full secretarial services in our BusinessCenter.  . Le Mayeur Restaurant offers International delights to  for your  lunch or dinner buffets . Lee Man Fong Restaurant is the perfect place to try the delicate and colorful Asian Cuesine.

         Staying fit and healthy in our Fitness center and QT salon and Spa with new facilities: steam bath, Jacuzzi, Gymnasium, Private Massage rooms, Saunas, outdoor tennis court, swimming pool  and bar Sundect. Ha Noi Horison hotel is managed by Swiss-belhotel International.

 2.2 The advertising methods hotel’s:

          Advertising plays a very essential role in every corporation. Especially, Ha Noi Horison Hotel is a five-star  hotel. So the services is very good. When they come back their country, they tell their friends who can travel Vietnam in the future. Advertising is of great importance in gaining  public’s awareness. The hotel has been using many methods in advertising such as: Newsletter, poster, , brochures, email, mass media (newspaper, magazine-travel/cuisine), sales call. Each of those methods has its own advantages and disadvantages.

        Email advertising of hotel, as effective as it is has both advantages and disadvantages.

        The  advantages of email advertising are numerous and far outweigh. For starters, it is extremely cheap. Hotel  can send  email messages  literally to  millions of clients and prospects who have opted to receive their messages at a cost that is close to zero. Then it is instant, recipients are able to receive the message and respond instantly. This is in sharp contrast to snail mail, which usually takes days to arrive and it  often cost a bundle to mail a simple message to a few thousand individualsin sending out email messages to targeted customer. Email advertising of hotel is also very easy to track. Within a few hours of sending a message, Email has changed the way hotel do business. Sure, people complain about the amount of Email they receive. But when all is said and done, using Email has impacted business and customer in a positive way and has the edge over other methods of communication.

       But not who also read them , advertise by a hotel’s little sum of moneys also costly email, but also isn’t acquired efficiently. Because number of email plenty more keep everybody from notice, and client concernment to wherewith motel by mere capful email .

     Newsletter is a good type of advertising spread but this advertising formality doesn’t bring back much profits.

     It has feature help client seize hotel’s information obviously. it is advertising formality to give helping to all information indoctrination to everybody, sale promotion. But it’s present retrench either.

     However it is in a way updates information, service but it doesn’t get issued very often entered weekly and who also lose much time in preparation, it doesn’t bring to much benefits for hotel

     Poster: The poster, as the way in which it is seen, is very different from newspaper or magazine advertisements. Reading is usually a private activity and therefore newspapers and magazines can carry advertisements for personal products which could look out of place in more public settings such as on television or on posters. Conversely, the poster is a highly public medium that can be seen by crowds of people at any one time. So poster of hotel are an effective means of publicizing issues of importance to public. Poster is tool help motel popularize its eating-house service, room services, is pasted In who harass where passer-by is mickle. It is advantages.

     Of course the major disadvantage is the fact that posters are usually seen on the move, and of the hundreds we pass in any given week very, very few are actually looked at. Good posters demand strong graphics and few words. This formality In many attention from clients impossible motel and tourist, it is mere a ad formality characteristic that give help to everybody know, it doesn’t bring back profit for hotel.

     So do flyers it get spanked Situated but where have in abundance people mutually be, either formally updates this information for client though expensiveness but for this formality take quite a lot of period of times to gather profit for hotel.

      Newspaper: Newspapers are one of the traditional mediums used by business, both big and small are alike, to advertise their businesses. Consequently, hotel also resort to this ad formality to popularize service up to clients.

      Hotel have the flexibility in deciding the advertising size and placement within the newspaper. Hotel’s advertising can be as large as necessary to communicate as much of a story as hotel care to tell. Exposure to hotel’s advertising is not limited; readers can go back to hotel’s message again and again if so desired. People expect to find advertising in their newspapers. In fact, many people buy newspapers just to read the ads from the restaurants, movies and discount stores… Consequently it is still very limitative manifold.

       But advertising space can be expensive. Hotel’s advertising has to compete against the clutter of other advertisers, including the giants advertising run by another hotels as well as the ads of hotel’s competitors. Newspapers are usually read once and then discarded and poor photo reproduction limits creativity. Newspapers are a highly visible medium, so hotel’s competitors can quickly react to hotel’s prices and services. This formality is not hotel’s common form.

     Magazines are a more focused, albeit more expensive, alternative to newspaper advertising. This medium allows hotel to reach highly targeted audiences. Relatively long ad life and repeated ad exposure, better quality paper permits better color reproduction and full-color ads. Magazine-travel/cuisine have plenty more eye-catching, more detailed, many of motel’s spectra hold up with of prime quality, to ad in a way have scale, attract more client to wherewith hotel.

    Consequently there is limited flexibility in terms of ad placement and format, space and advertising layout costs are higher. Magazine advertising is only one type of advertising, it can not that the one preordains hotel’s development.

     Brochures: It be book to introduce information.

     It namely worked help client fathom information correctly and fullness, traditional history intelligibility and nippy deportment and understand extra and specify motel’s position, in order to select reasonable prices pyrography return services in a way with a levels know. Touch services ad as: Lee man Fong restaurant, wireless high speed internet ( wine, dine and surf the internet…) Saturdays and Sundays BBQ, early bird summer swimming classes. Hotel’s service match personally #PP, family, is collective. And hotel have assemble organization formality, conference. It bring back peace event clients to centers, trust absolutely into decision when choose motel. This tome still tell client known a number of prices give peculiarity to services .

      However there will have restrictions as: appropriation money, printed jib with staff’s period of time amount big as well as with manual great deal of transmitting with formality given away. So it is un-get-at-table all clients hand with amount is big.

     And the last, it is formally hotel’s essential and most productive advertising, this is advertising formality: sales call. This formality is costly so many period of time and cost of hotel but it is very very-high businesslike for hotel. Therefore it still have advantages and disadvantages.

      Sales Calls the visits salespeople make to a buyer’s premises in order to sell their companies’ products. Direct sales room staff find up to familiar and potential customer created to direct a nexus and friendly client. Help retrieval client understand about Hotel’s services, it still enlarge advertise latitude for hotel, the information of the motel is seek to who with completely and directly clients about plan and serviced of hotel. This staffs give help to publicity for hotel in a way more professional and productive. Those concernment shows staff fervor and dynamism of squadron event in hotel, via trust discernible client here and top priority for hotel’s service, meet fabrication client give more developed business than another advertise formalities to a ground hotel. It create dispatch very often with respect to clients, it creates habit clients donation use possession service quality services of simultaneous hotel  and more imaginatively in spread hotel’s services.

     However this advertise formality very time-consuming and effort  of room staff sales. Though it is formality help hotel’s undertaking develop fast, but without form introduced give this advertise to everyone know come to hotel by formality which only can introduce up to familiar clients, big corporations and potential customers. It is motel’s most important advertise formality.

 2.3 Real situation of the matter

     This is some pictures and advertising on hotel’s web.

      The first and only hotel in Hanoi with an ATM cash dispenser machine on the premises and Wireless High Speed Internet Access.

      Improve your health, perfect your backhand, we believe in the revival of the fittest. We offer guests a swimming pool with a sun deck and bar on the second floor. An aerobics and fully-equipped Fitness Centre will help you to keep body and soul in shape, plus there is an open-air tennis court.

Our aim is to make your stay in Hanoi pleasant and comfortable. Our 5-star services include:

  • Concierge services
  • 24-hour room service
  • A Cisco Systems Hot Spot hotel
  • Wired and Wireless high speed internet access
  • Business centre
  • Reservations for partner hotels
  • Hotel Bus and Hotel Car Transportation Service
  • Doctor on call
  • Ample parking space
  • Gift Shops
  • ATM Cash Dispenser
  • 5,000 sqm commercial office space with separate entrance
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

    The Hanoi Horison Hotel offers a wide range of dining and entertainment options to satisfy even the most well-traveled palates as well as special requirements. We can easily accommodate small groups in our private dining rooms.

    And to help you unwind after a busy day, there’s The OV Club & Casino and Entertainment Centre, the Nha Trang Terrace & Poolside Bar and our spacious Marble Court Lobby Lounge with daily Happy Hours.

   That is some of fact spectra what hotel advertised on Web. Many foreign people knew hotel by advertising on internet And introduce of the friends and many tourist booked room before arriving. This hotel is a five stars. So the services is very good. When they come back their country, they tell their friends who can travel Vietnam in the future.

   Hotel get organized very professionally, have only sales department but also PR department, the immediacy take its client, PR that new action type In Viet Nam, consequently into account not already professionally, however it has impacts diligently come to hotel. Over here it fabricate hotel’s as spectra precious professionally. However, staff is still limitative, still not response to need is necessary. Not already influential actual is big, haven’t been meet just the roles of the PR in serviced the hotel. Since then it predispose a requests to need to round this field furthers, PR department  hotel’s advertising actions curator as: design brochures, flyer, PR department go to meet the same director general client, design organization returns wedding shows. Presently in pill PR antinuclear hotel, about advertising  action in hotels. PR staff is frequent meet client, is hotel’s general speech with respect to client. it is motel middle direct bridge ware with a view to client service of next motel best most productive publicity. PR staff give help to client understood about hotel’s service most concisely, most strict without pay for effort fathomed. Pass here shortened client’s period of time without the need fathomed with respect to hotel, via hotel here can solicit a great deal of client come to motel professionally, but finiteness motel’s PR squadron ought to abounded with is limitative,  to cost quite a lot of period of time to meet client


       Hanoi Horison Hotel is a five star hotel but it still has arduous and favourableness  in advertise as: Horison is a hotel magisterially and celebrity, have material base well and finance potentiality is fine. Hotel have young staff squadron imaginatively and go overboard. Because fine material base and service. Consequently, when spectra advertise is given hotel it become very simple. However, hotel has so many competitor as: Sofitel Metropole hotel, Daewo hotel, Nikko hotel, Melia hotel… The staffs squad for advertise not yet enough. Consequently infra I give help opinion a few egress to more perfective hotel.

      So many gap motel still, advertising formalities sent out not yet develop motel’s potential finis.  Consequently I have one a couple opinions to give help to motel walked up in affair.  It be relationship fabrication with respect to simultaneous client sent out favored with respect to old-established client in use motel’s service  and those past old-established client can introduce up to potential customer. Take the banyan sale formality gradated to apply into advertise of the hotel by us used favor in serviced the regarding good hotel for trigger introduce with guest’s new client obsolete merchandise.  Rights of old-established client when introduce client newly will trigger acquaintance concernment about service  and hotel’s programs come to more people, hotel’s affair help is walked up . Those passage will solicit big client potency is continuous  and faithfully with hotel .

      Hotel ought to enhance PR squadron, to can develop field of advertising professionally, effectively and organization is surpassed, motel’s spectra publicity help with great deal of clients has need, excrement is wide a field curator field of advertising, person capital is en suite, they can develop potential ben of field own. Over those triggers advertising concernment’s efficiency up most,  advertising concernment’s most far-reaching getting for hotel. Department PR staff needed is more professionally educated about work .


We are constantly bombarded with advertising in today’s world. We can’t hide from its influence on our society. In order to combat this reality, we must resort to our own imagination and creativity. This is why culture jamming has become so widespread, and is continuing to grow. People are learning how to confront the advertising giants, and are hacking away at them to weaken their power. It is impossible to think that we could get rid of advertising as a discourse completely. But it is being proven that we, as individuals and as a society, can have some influence on what we will tolerate in advertising. One of the most effective methods of attacking the advertising giants is by altering their ads, manipulating their slogans, exposing their hidden weaknesses, and creating imaginative and effective parodies and spoofs of their advertisements. Advertising busters is just the icing on the cake. The real power lies in the hands of everyday people that want to make a difference.

 Hanoi Horison Hotel is a five star hotel in a prime and fast expanding area of Hanoi, elegant accommodation and outstanding facilities which include 250 Superior & Deluxe Room & Suite, 3 Commercial Office Floors, Super Facilities for up 800 people, Wireless High Speed Internet Access, On Site ATM Cash Machine. Hanoi Horison Hotel is managed by Swiss-belhotel International – an international hotel management company, based in Hong Kong, managing hotels, resorts and serviced residences, throughout the Asia Pacific region. Hotel’s advertising formality, beside of diligently still limitative polyhedral faces.  Hotel uses so many advertising formalities spread in order to popularize hotel’s spectra in a way is most beautiful,  client ultimate, client entoptic unified cutaneous dropsy. So advertising formalities is very essential with respect to each enterprise, it doesn’t only give help to enterprise there is loftiness proceeds of a sale but also who help enterprise spectra publicity come to all human being. it can say it be berth to says between society and everybody.



Horison hotel’s manual

“English for business” book. (2005- Education and training publish)

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