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  2. 1.        Identifying the mix of knowledge, skills and experience necessary from the team members to accomplish the project

“A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach, for which they hold themselves mutually accountable” (BPP Professional Education, 2004, p58). According to this definition, the members of the marketing team share and learn their knowledge, skills and experience together to achieve common goal.

To launching Rising Star S213 into the market, the members have to have knowledge about phone market in general and touch phone market in particular. Besides, features and characteristics of this product are essential knowledge for the team. However, not all members have these areas of knowledge, so they can combine their knowledge. Furthermore, people who have lots of experience can help others. Sometimes, experienced people do not have new ideas, while young people have deep knowledge and can take many initiatives but do not have experience to carry out them. Hence, their complement will make good plan and effectiveness in working for the team.

Similarly, the key skills for marketing are communications skills, application of number, IT, problem solving, and improving own learning and performance (Kodz J, Atkinson J, Perryman S, 1997). These skills are very important with marketing staff, but if members have them without knowledge about marketing or technology, it is difficult to explain and satisfy customers’ requirements, for example when PR the product to customers, the team need two people who have communication skill and knowledge about product. Therefore, the mix of knowledge, skills and experience is necessary for an effective team to accomplish the project.

Another thing is that sharing and learning knowledge, skills and experience between members of team will develop and perfect their own competence. And these things create the most important skill for both marketing and team which is team working. Hence, the roles of project manager are the key to have close relationship of team members.

  1. 2.        Analyzing the dynamics within the team

The effectiveness and success of a team have close relationship with the dynamics within the team. Because if the team has suitable dynamics, members of team and team spirit will be motivated, so they will try their best for common purpose of team.

First of all, clearly identifying roles of members are very important. When all members have their roles, they can affirm their position in team which makes them feel confident, be respected and trusted. Besides, the encouragement of project manager contributes significantly to enhance productivity of team members, because it will make members feel that they are not individuals, they are team. From this point, team spirit will be stimulated. Therefore, this is essential dynamic within the team.

Secondly, the team cannot lack contribution assessment between team members. The correct assessment will make equity in team which is one of motivation theories, so both members who have a lot contributions or little will be fostered. On the other hand, when the manager has incorrect assessment, between team members have unfair situations, so the team spirit could be frustrated.

Another dynamics is culture and structure of company and team which always plays important roles to motivate employees because they exist with the company and have influence in all operating of company. Therefore, if members want to integrate with others, they must follow company’s culture and structure, in other words, culture and structure foster all members pull together and increase team spirit.

The last thing which contributes into team dynamics is reward. It is physical dynamic which have practical nature to improve life demand of members. Hence, they must try to achieve it, because it has influence not only for themselves, but also for their family. Rewards are motive power for them to fulfill their responsibility with family.

“Team Dynamics are the unseen forces that operate in a team between different people or groups. Team Dynamics can strongly influence how a team reacts, behaves or performs, and the effects of team dynamics are often very complex.” (TeamTechnology, n.d).

  1. 3.        Identifying the clear expectations of relationships between team members

The relationships between team members have high influence to team, if they have good relationship, this team can achieve its goal faster and better and inverse. It is easy to realize that these relationships affect to both manager and team members, so they need to have clear expectations about them.

To team members, the close relationships help them a lot, so these are their expectations. Firstly, the honest communication between members is necessary relationship. They are expected to express your opinion not only about situations of project but also others in team if someone making mistake. It can help members improve their ability and understand about themselves and others, the sentiments of team will be raised and it makes a pleasant working environment which help people work freely and effectively.

Secondly, team members should have help together when there are problem in one part of process. This relationship bring many benefits to project of company, for example, planning person is entrusted PR part, so there need other member who have acknowledge and experience about PR help this person, or when one member is sick, others can help he or she to complete the task. Moreover, others members can bring out their initiatives to help project manager, as me have right decisions for project. Therefore, the team can launch Rising Star S213 on deadline successfully and members have good view about each other more and more.

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